Skill or Talent?

Several times I have been asking myself this question: Is photography or any other type of art a skill or a talent?

In my opinion, a talent is something you are born with, is the ability to do something naturally, it is a gift.

On the other hand, a skill is something you learn, is an ability you acquired from practice.

I am not saying one is wrong and the other is right, I am just defining the difference between them and the way they are related and important.

Talented photographers have the need to develop certain skills to have a better control of their camera and in combination with their natural gift, they will be able to produce a great photo. Now, skilled photographers will be in the need to learn how to develop the "eye" for photography, the reverse of what a talented photographer is.

They could know all the details of a camera, how to control the shutter speed, the aperture, the ISO but if they don't have the talent it is hard to be a great photographer.

For me, talking specifically about photography, is to shoot a photo seeing something others overlook, is to imprint an emotion to a photo, is a way to capture a moment that years later, that memory will have the ability to transport in time or provoke the same emotion to its viewers as it did when it was taken regardless how long it has been.

So, make a deep analysis of what your talents are, work on them to reach its full potential, practice, make them your passion - They will be food for your Soul -

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