Retouch or No Retouch

As a photographer, what I want when I take a photo is to capture reality, I am looking to freeze that specific moment or scenario and keep it exactly the way it is.

That is why I love photography back in old times, where you just have that one shoot and then find a lab that will develop your 35 mm film, just then, after a couple days you were able to look at the photo, some were awesome, others were not that good, and people love that, they love to be able to remembered that moment without any add on. Now we are have the idea that a photo has to be perfect to be a good photo, and in my opinion I don't think it has to be that way.

Some times I am in a dilemma, trying to figure out how much will I need to retouch my photo or leave it as it is with just a minor enhancement.

A few months ago I started to learn Lightroom and found it quite interesting as I can lit up my photos without changing the essence, with LR you can "erase" some minor objects.

What do I do to avoid retouch or an undesirable object in my photo is, I imagine the final photo, how exactly I want it, what is what I want to capture, I set my settings and shoot but when you can't avoid those "undesirable objects" I said before use LR.

Don't be afraid of trying new things to improve your photography skills, don't feel "bad" because your photos doesn't look as good as some photos from more experienced photographers, everybody has its own style, love and embrace the moment you capture that's why you did it in first place.

I am not saying retouching a photo is wrong, but how much of it is good?

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