Why Photography?

My father was a photographer and cameraman, he used to work for a well known TV Channel in Mexico, I remembered asking him several times that I wanted to have a job like his, back then there were not a lot of women doing that, so for my Dad it was a very tough environment for a girl.

It was not until I turned 10 years old, that one of my neighbors gave me my frist camera as a b'day present, it was a Kodak Exra 10. I carried it with me every where I went, trying to capture every moment that caught my attention.

Some of my first photos were at school, of some of my elementary classmates .

Then my Dad bought a 35mm Yashica and every other day he let me borrow it so I spent a lot of time taking photos, some of them I still have at my parents house in albums.

Love looking at the albums. Seeing those photos is like bringing back the past. Some allow me to remembered smells, others make me smile and with some others I can still listen to my cousins or friends laughing and having a good time.

Three years ago my husband gave me my first DSRL camera a Nikon D5500. Since then I have taken more than 100 thousand photos. But it wasn't until December 2017 after my family and some friends suggested I start my business as a photographer, that after giving it some thought, decided to take that leap of faith.

And here I am, sharing with everyone how I see the world thru the lens of my Nikon. One of the things I love of photography is the ability to freeze the moment, I love spontaniety so rarely when I take photos I ask people to pose.

One of my goals as a photographer is to imprint emotions to my photos so when people look at their family portraits, they would be able to feel and remember that moment as if it just happened, or to keep a good memory of their pets as they are part of the family. And when I photograph nature or wildlife, I want people to be amazed, to make them realize how amazing is living in this wonderful place called Earth and how blessed thery are to be alive.

This is why I am a Photographer.

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