Arantxa Martinez

My name is Arantxa Martine, I am a 23 years old artist that was born in Mexico City but have been living in El Puerto de Veracruz, Mexico for 20 years.

1. What is your favorite color? And why?

I have two favorite colors. One is orange because for me it represents harmony. The other one that I have used mostly for my paints is pink along with all its shades because they express serenity and is a color that catches your attention and invites you to admire the paint.

2. Do these colors describe you as a person?

No, I feel that blue is the one that describes me as a person because it can be very warm, strong and it's a color that enforces.

3. Are you a fan of cartoons? If so, what is your favorite one and why?

Yes, when I was little I watched the Rugrats and I liked the fact that it was a different family and at the time I felt identified with them.

4. What do you intend to achieve throughout your work?

I try to persuade people with different things. I like modern art and make many combinations, in fact, I like to play with colors.

So I want people to identify with the paint, to connect or feel, as each work has its own purpose depending on the subject and the place, the picture will express life, fun, sadness or beauty.

5. What advice would you give to other artists?

Based on my experience, I started without knowing the rules of the palette and the beginning was hard, because honestly, they were not what they are right now, so when I tried to sell them at my school, nobody liked them.

So I decided to go to school thru taking classes with an excellent teacher and since then, I understood the whole idea of what painting is and it just flowed.

I am very grateful to where I am at this point in my Career and for all the projects and exhibitions I've had the opportunity to participate.

My advice to other artists is that you do not give up, you need to figure out where you are different from other artists. You will find many obstacles on the road, and you will have two options; you can let that pebble make you quit or just move it out of your way and be where you are meant to be.

Art is subjective, do not expect everyone to like, but you must be satisfied with what you do and you will transmit that energy and will make you succeed.

Thanks to all of what I have been thru, I can tell you that I feel very complete and I've reached my goals.

6. What superpower would you have and why?

I would like to be able to teleport myself because there are times when I paint my time goes by too fast and I have other things to do. So with this superpower I could get fast to the other places and make it on time.

If you want to know more about Arantxa Martinez and her artwork you can visit her




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