Be Different

I know I said in my last post that I was going to talk about how to develop a photographer’s eye, I will, but not today. Instead I want to talk about something that came to me as I read an email from someone telling me my photos are quite a bit different, didn’t understand what exactly that person mean by different and if its good or bad, but I would like to try to explain why maybe my photos are different.

Photographers, thru our learning, we are taught about several rules you have to follow in order to take amazing photos, and there is nothing wrong with that. Actually I am a photography student at the New York Institute of Photography and have to follow some of these rules to present my projects.

My photos are quit a bit Different, yes, sometimes they are. My passion as a photographer is based on showing the world the way I see it thru my camera, I try to follow some of the rules but sometimes I just let my creativity flow and my goal is to capture a photo that will make you stare at it while it brings emotions, maybe a little reflection, a smile, a happy thought or even a little confusion.

Like this one, I love this photo in particular because it looks like the female cardinal is smiling and flirting with my camera. While trying to capture this moment, I didn’t think about any of the composition rules. My thought was to hurry or she will fly away, the only “rule” I was worried about is focus, as it wouldn’t have been quite as nice if it wasn’t in focus.

Or how about this other one? The dog seems to fly trying to grab the frisbee, my only thought was focus, keep it in focus. Sometimes you can’t stop and try to follow the “rules” otherwise your moment might be gone.

I like to feel free while shooting. It makes me happy that people see my photos, and say they are different or weird in some way, because that means my photos cause an impact on them.

Thru my short time as a professional / student / hobbyist photographer, I’ve learn that when you let your creativity flow and enjoy the moment, you capture the best photos and people see that, they can feel it so in my case I accomplished my goal as photographer.

If I would have gotten that email few months ago, I would’ve questioned my talent over and over again, and in the past I did, I used to compare my photos with some other amazing photographers, but not anymore.

And after I watched a video of this great photographer Steve McCurry, his words at the end of it confirmed what I just said.

“Composition is important, but rules are meant to be broken, so the main point is to enjoy yourself while photographing, photograph in your own way and your own style” - Steve McCurry

Dare to be Different - Dare to Be You…

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